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Individual Classes

How to Build a Bigger Brand

In this course, we’ll be discussing the basics of branding. It’s an important place to start as it will help you to understand the concepts that I’ll be building all of the other courses off of.

These first two lessons will cover exactly what branding is, and then go into how your customers will experience it.

Starting Out

So, you’ve decided to do it. You’re going to start a business. Let’s talk about how your branding and marketing can help it be successful.

In this video series, we’ll examine everything you’ll need to do so that your company starts with a strong foundation. We’ll do that by designing a powerful brand and a good marketing strategy right from the beginning.

How to Build a Perfect Logo

In the past two courses we built a fictitious new company. Now for this course we’re going to build a logo for it.

There’s a lot to talk about as we walk step by step through the process and examine why the logo, and each part of it’s construction, is so important.

What to do With Our Email

We’ve taken quite a few of the initial steps to create our brand. It has a good foundation, and it’s waiting for us to build on it.

Now is the time to start placing it in front of our target market so that it can spread its roots and start to grow.

The Secrets Behind a Great Website

Our brand has been created, and we’ve been putting it out there. However, if we don’t give our customers a place to go once they’ve experienced our brand then they won’t be our customers for long.

Let’s build a website that not only gives them a place to buy our product or service, but is also inviting, easy to navigate, and will leave them looking forward to their next visit.

Expanding Our Brand With Social Media

In order to expand our brand and grow our business we need to reach people. There’s no better way to do it than with social media.

However, there’s more to social media than just posting a few cat videos and waiting for our success. Let’s go over the hows and the whys of social media.